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Here at the American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative, we make it our mission to spread awareness about the importance of lung cancer screening for high-risk individuals.


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Raiya Suliman

Northeastern University

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Zaina Syed

University of Texas


Jennifer Su


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Jon Sulit 

UC Berkeley


Ana Spasojevic

University of Ottawa

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Saishravan Shyamsundar

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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Jeanette Wang

Cornell University

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Yoyo Wang

University of Michigan

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Barry Xu

Johns Hopkins University

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Maggie Yang

Johns Hopkins University

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Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang, MD

Harvard Medical School

Founder, Advisor, Thoracic Surgeon

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Jane Yanagawa, MD

UCLA School of Medicine

Advisor, Thoracic Surgeon


Kei Suzuki, MD

Boston University School of Medicine

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Winston Trope

Stanford University

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Matthew Tsai


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Juan Vasquez


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Aurore Zhang

Boston University

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Angela Zhou

UC Berkeley