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What is a Chapter?


A chapter is a community-wide branch of ALCSI that works to bring members together to promote our goals and values through various initiatives in their local communities. Our ALCSI chapters work on a myriad of initiatives to amplify lung cancer and lung cancer screening awareness through advocacy, education, and leadership.


Advocacy & Education

Our chapters advocate to increase community awareness of lung cancer and the importance of early detection through lung cancer screening for high-risk individuals. Chapters educate communities about lung cancer and screening through educational efforts, community outreach, and health literacy engagement activities at the grassroots level. Types of activities include webinars, lung cancer advocacy workshops, White Ribbon Builds, and more! An important initiative our chapters also lead are establishing partnerships with local lung cancer screening centers and clinics. By building these connections, our chapters help eligible community members they meet during outreach and awareness events to get screened for lung cancer. Chapters also have the opportunity to work with city and state health departments to bring actionable change to their local communities. ​

ALCSI is dedicated to ensuring that all members are engaged in meaningful work and are making a tangible impact. Through our chapters, ALCSI aims to inspire students about the power of advocacy, education, and outreach to revolutionize lung cancer screening in the United States.



Being a part of a chapter gives students an incredible opportunity to build strong leadership skills that will help push the momentum forward on lung cancer awareness in the United States. By spearheading different events and initiatives, chapter members will make a positive impact in their communities while developing important teamwork and leadership qualities that can be applied to their personal, educational, and professional endeavors. 


Why should you start a chapter?

By starting an ALCSI Chapter, you will be joining an enthusiastic community of lung cancer advocates and leaders who share a common goal of transforming lung cancer awareness in the United States and abroad. By being a part of a chapter, you will also be connected to a diverse group of high school, college, and medical students, physicians, health policy leaders, lung cancer survivors, and advocates where you can build new networks, friendships, and find support within fellow activists. 

Our Executive Team will help you along every step of the way when starting a chapter. We will provide you with several resources to help you initiate your chapter and resources on how to coordinate successful events with community members. Chapters will also gain weekly mentorship from ALCSI's Intercollegiate Directors who will provide consistent guidance, feedback, and support on important skills such as leadership, organization, and communication.

Starting an ALCSI chapter is very exciting and it is a tremendous honor as you have the opportunity to lead critical initiatives that can foster real health and social change within your community. This is genuinely an incredibly rewarding experience as your dedicated work and initiative can truly save someone's life!


Apply to start a chapter!

If you are interested in starting a chapter at your university, please complete the chapter application form and one of our National Directors will be in contact with you!


If you have any questions about our chapters or starting a chapter, please reach out to our Intercollegiate Directors!

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